Why Continue Sports Despite the Pandemic

Sports have traditionally functioned as a worldwide unifier. Race, politics, religion, socioeconomic status, and sex are all thrown out of the window once fans ring together to celebrate that the consequence of a contest.

As Nelson Mandela once said: “Sport can alter the world. It can inspire. It can unite people in a means that little else can.”

Together with the planet in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic and individuals atmosphere more isolated now greater than ever with borders closed and stay-at-home mandates set up, sports – its athletes, characters, executives, coaches, leagues, clubs, and fans–could prove that the cohesive energy of more is more than every person.

Athletes are role models in society. Children hear what athletes state more than they hear their parents; that is a fact. Let us utilize that at a time of need such as this one to deliver the ideal message, to be able to do the ideal thing, to combine and bring the best out of individuals in a period of uncertainty and hardship. That is an opportunity we’ve got at this time.

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Rather than looking out for our pointing fingers or criticizing or becoming more different than we had been, it is a time we could come together. It is a chance.  Officially announced a pandemic from the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, you will find over 4.7 million supported instances of COVID-19 throughout the world and over 380,000 deaths. The planet was within an undercover standstill.

There has been this tip-toe type of dance about politics and catastrophe in regards to sports. Many people wish to maintain sports only about sports and that is that, but there is also a sense behind it sports have a bigger responsibility to society which feeds it. That mindset should change and that begins with team leaders and our nation’s leaders to have the ability to come up not just with a federal program but a method to galvanize individuals and give trust.