What Fresh Graduates Can Learn From Athletes

Every top athlete has been at the bottom before they’ve been at the top. The same applies to every fresh graduate. The beginning is rocky and difficult, success is often in the distant future. Every fresh graduate can learn from top athletes, especially about mental toughness and dealing with defeat. Every top athlete knows that it’s not the strongest or the best who wins, but rather those who deal best with defeat.

Athletes don’t have to feel defeated if they lose their capacity to be active in sports due to lifetime injury. There are programs that can help. Such programs as The Ticket to Work program and Self Sufficiency program aim to help those who are physically unable to become self-sufficient. And this is true for individuals who are out to job hunt.

Ticket To Work

Things fresh graduates can learn from top athletes

Think Big

Almost everyone has probably heard of the famous “think big” at some point. The problem of many people and also many fresh graduates is that they think too small and cannot even imagine achieving something big. This is actually a problem for fresh graduates, because in reality, in real life, you can only achieve what you can imagine in your minds.

Your imagination has a certain power and top athletes are very aware of that. Years before they are successful through their actions, they are so in their minds. Every top athlete has experienced their greatest successes in their heads a thousand times before. For fresh graduates, this means thinking big right from the start, believing in maximum success.

Set goals, and set the right ones

Goals are the foundation of success, not only in top-class sports but also in all other areas. In practice, most people think they know their goals, but the reality is quite different – they don’t know their goals. Top athletes know their career, season and training goals down to the last detail. They know what they want to achieve in the short, medium and long term. For fresh graduates, it is important to write down each individual goal as a first step. A goal is always in writing.

Goals are the foundation of success, but wrongly formulated goals also quickly lead to wrong results. The latest studies have actually shown that companies are more successful the more precisely they formulate their goals.

Many action goals

Top athletes work 80 percent with action goals and thus try to push the result goals mentally into the background. Action goals show you how you can achieve something. It is the way to the goal, so to speak, with the only difference that you can actively influence your actions and react to them at any time. When you focus on action goals, there is no mental pressure because you have a plan that you want to achieve with your actions. Mental stressful situations are reduced many times over.