The Advantage of Left Handed Sportsmen

In any sports we see many sports people who are using their dominant hand which is right hand. However, there are also sportsmen who are left handed and are more superior. Many sports like Volleyball, Badminton, Boxing , fencing and Tennis show a good number of sportsmen who are superior despite being a left handed. This is nothing like gaining access to overwatch hacks and win the game.

Top 10 Left-Handed Players in NBA History

In sports where it demands rapid reactions and good spatial judgment, there is what is called  the “leftie advantage”. For example, in fencing there are 7 out of 16 world fencers who are left handed.  Also 5 out of 25 international players of tennis are noted to be left handed. Even in boxing, left handers have a higher average of winning than right handed players.

What science has to say about left handed people?

A scientist who study the left-handedness of certain people excelling in sport, Guy Azemar, said that people who are lefties have an innate advantage. In “Opposition Sport,” Mr. Azemar study how the brain concentrates. We all know that the brain consists of two halves. The left and right hemispheres, each of these hemispheres are performing different task . In the left handers’ brain, the functions are evenly given between the two hemispheres and our brain our more symmetrical than you think.

Many people who are born right handed was forced to use their left hand by their parents because of some traditions. Like in fencing, there is a man who are naturally right handed but force by his father to use his left hand.

The obvious advantage of left handed people

The obvious advantage of left handed in sports is when the opponents are facing them. And it is less used when dealing with stances, angles and movements where it can make an element of surprise and unpredictability.  Left handed people only has the “infrequency advantage” in small minority.  It is when the right handed people become sufficiently practiced at facing left handed people, they have all the advantage but all that advantage will disappear also. The tactical advantage of left people who play are indisputable.