Sports: Why Printed Matter Is Still Vital Now

Nowadays, one quickly thinks about whether it still makes sense to have flyers, brochures, etc. Many communication measures can actually be handled via the Internet today. But printed documents still have their right to exist. With the flood of newsletters and online information that you receive every day, printed information stands out and conveys a certain value. This is about the feeling of holding something in your hand.

Sports printed materials: Example from practice

Sending out a new brochure on a regular basis gets your customers interested. Demand is thus increasing, but at the same time, the number of visitors to the website remains almost unchanged. This shows that even today there are still many customers who actually react more to sports printed material than to online marketing measures. These customers then also do not use the website as a contact and information medium. They literally wait for the supplier company to contact them via printed matter and then seek direct contact, for example over the phone.

HP toner

Various print measures for sports business marketing

There are various ways to advertise your sports business with printed documents. The two main options are, on the one hand, documents that are printed once and used over a longer period of time, such as brochures or product data sheets, and, on the other hand, documents that are used for specific campaigns or regular advertising such as campaign flyers or catalogs. Make sure to use HP toner when printing your materials so they can last longer.

Catalogs & Flyers

With this type of printed matter, it is important to find the balance between regular reminders and annoying advertising. You want to give your customers information on paper, but you don’t want to overload them with a ton of paper. Consider whether you have enough new content to send out a new catalog once or twice a year. Or think about campaigns in which a specific topic/offer is addressed, for example, a specific machine line, for which a flyer in the form of a postcard might suffice.

Just like a newsletter, a flyer/catalog should always offer the reader added value. If it only contains advertising, it quickly ends up in the waste paper. However, if the reader receives additional interesting information relating to his field of activity, the chance that he will read through it is many times higher. And when he holds the document in his hand, he also looks at your advertising on it. Also, an important to consider here are your target groups. Since your business is related to sports, it is good to target people who love sports.