How Does Playing Sports Affect Someone’s Life?


Playing sports may have a lot of positive lifelong consequences, especially the promotion of health and physical exercise. Additionally, it is a means to develop important social skills. For a fortunate few, playing sports may even be financially rewarding. There are two or three future negative effects of enjoying sports, for example, probability of harm or eating disorders.

Keep Healthy and Active

Playing sports that you like will be able to help you fulfill recommended action levels. In a 2012 post written for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Dr. David Geier promised to play sports has been linked to decreased levels of obesity, higher blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other bad health conditions. Even a 2012 Melbourne University outline fact sheet maintained that playing sports contributes to healthy bones, bones, and connective tissues in children. In addition, it suggested kids who play sports have a tendency to stay more physically active as adults and teens, therefore, are not as likely to smoke or use drugs.

Social Benefits Abound

The societal advantages of playing sports beyond childhood. Team sports provide individuals of all ages a chance for social interaction. A 2009 research from Asztalos, M. et al. printed in the “Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport” discovered playing sports lower anxiety levels among adults whereas other kinds of physical activity didn’t.

Career and Scholarship Possible

Though your odds of making it into the experts are somewhat slim, sports may nevertheless result in career opportunities. You are able to turn into a trainer or official, and also with the ideal instruction and become a part of the sports websites. Playing sports might be your ticket into a less costly education, also. The data-compiling site noted that 177,000 student-athletes needed a few or all their schooling paid for from the 2012-13 academic calendar year.

Possible Pitfalls

Obviously, with any bodily action comes the probability of harm, but a few sports are more harmful than others. Within a 2011 poll, the nonprofit Safe Kids Worldwide reported over 1.35 million kids continued sports-related accidents poor enough to merit a visit to an emergency area. Some sports carry the possibility of potentially harmful bodily problems from the area. Most noteworthy would be the eating disorders which have grown one of the gymnasts and other athletes who have to lower weight for the contest.