7 Techniques On How To Bat Your Baseball Properly

There are numerous ways to hit a baseball due to the various set-ups and stances. However, once a batter makes contact, all differences cease and absolutes and similarities begin.

How to Hit a Baseball: The 7 Techniques on how to bat your baseball properly
Every good hitter will do these seven things on a perfect swing.

1. Hitting against a firm front side

This doesn’t have to mean your leg is completely rigid; you can have a small bend in it and yet keep your torso and hands behind the baseball. Your forward velocity will be halted by this leg, and your axis of rotation will be set. The loss of this solid front end causes a significant slowing in bat speed and an increase in the amount of head movement while swinging.

2. Place your back foot on its toes.

You can start your rotation with your back toe on or slightly off the ground by committing your backside and deciding to swing; the force you generate going toward the baseball is abruptly stopped by your firm front side.

3. The hands are palm up or palm down.

Right-handed batters should have their right hands pointing straight up toward the sky (or receiving the money) and their left hands pointing down towards the earth if you were to take the bat away from them at contact and have them open their hands. This is the strongest possible stance to have upon contact.

4. Keep your eyes on the ball.

That is, seeing the ball at its point of contact This may appear to be obvious, but it is not. Knowing how to hit a baseball begins with knowing how to see the ball. How to Become a Better Baseball Hitter Seeing the Baseball discusses the significance of this point in greater detail as well as some tips for improving your ability to see the baseball.

5. Your back knee, back hip, and head should all be in a straight line.

You may try spinning your body around a rod that you inserted into your knee, hip, and head. This keeps you from being too far forward, where you lose force, or too far back, when you become entangled and have an inconstant uphill swing.

6. Your head should be in the middle of your feet.

Think of the space between your head and your feet as a triangle formed by three lines. The versatility and durability of the triangle make it a useful structural element in a wide variety of contexts (roof joists, etc.). Therefore, the most powerful position for your body is a strong triangle. In addition, you can spin around a central axis with only a small amount of head movement.

7. The top arm is bent.

Position your elbow so that it is firmly against your side. You’re in an excellent position right now. The more torque you can generate when spinning, the closer your elbow should be to your torso. If you try to hit a baseball while keeping your elbow bent, you’ll find that the force of the ball grows more formidable the more you bend your elbow.