Shatong – A game of sticks

Introduce Your Child To Shatong

Let them sweat and feel how it is to play what their parents had been playing when they were kids. Here is a traditional game that will make you sweat. Have you heard of shatong?

Shatong is not your common sports. It is a game played in the suburbs and rural areas of the Philippines but similarly played in the Middle East that goes by the name Gutalaguti. The game makes use of two sticks, one longer than the other. The longer stick will serve like a bat and the shorter stick serves like the hit. There needs to be two teams to play this game the hitter and the fetcher.


The concept of the game is to hit the shorter stick with the longer stick as far as it can go and when this happens, the hitter will run to a marked area. There will be 4 marked areas just like in baseball and while the other team is fetching the shorter stick, the hitter will have to make it to the home base hitting the first mark, the second, the third and back to the home base. The fun part of the game is that while the hitter is running from one marked area to the other, he or she must be shouting the name of the game as in SHAAAAAATONG!

These days there are fewer and fewer children playing shatong. In the urban areas, no one ever played the game or are even familiar with it. Sad but true. Traditional games are being lost in this era of computers, high end toys and gaming devices. While virtual games are fun especially when you have enough free gta cash cards, it is still be nice to introduce other fun activities to your child. Let them experience a game out under the sun, with friends you don’t only play with virtually but friends you can actually bump with in a game of sports.