Popular Forms of Motorcycle Sports

Motorcycle sport is an extensive area of sport that involves all motorcycling sporting aspects. The sport isn’t all about timed-speed events or races, Some of these motorcycle sports put a rider’s various motorcycle riding skills to the test. (check out https://www.johnburrcycles.com/motorcycle/tune-up/best-engine-oils/).

5 Popular Forms of Motorcycle Sports

These different forms of motorcycle sports are held in various places all over the world. Some are very popular while some aren’t, and others may seem like a waste of time and resources. Nonetheless, each of these race is for the love of motorcycle sports and motorcycles.

Motorcycle Grand Prix or MotoGP

This is the top or premier form of motorcycle racing. The motorcycles utilized in MotoGP are racing machines that are purpose-built wherein it is generally not for public purchase nor can you lawfully ride it on public roads and highways. MotoGP is currently of four classes, the Moto General Practitioner, the Moto2, the Moto3 and the MotoE, which is new in 2019. The first three make use of four-stroke engines whilst electric motors are used in the MotoE class.

SuperBike Racing

In contrast to MotoGP, superbike racing is a form of motorcycle racing wherein production model motorcycles that are highly modified are used. With the watchword “”Win on Sunday; Sell on Monday”, superbike racing is mostly popular with motorcycle manufacturers because it greatly helps in promoting and selling their product.

Super Sport Racing

Similar to SuperBike Racing, Super Sport Racing also employs the use of highly modified production but with engine capacities ranging between 400cc and 750cc. Riders race on paved surfaces with much tougher rules and regulations as compared to SuperBike Racing.

Moto Cross or MX

Done outdoors, MX is an off-road racing event. MX riders race on circuits that are enclosed and are made of mud, gravel and sand. This motorcycle sport could be very demanding and challenging since the event is held regardless of the condition of the weather.

Supercross or SX

This is similar to MX racing but is done indoors. Riders race on dirt tracks as well and but entails more jumps and is much more technical than MX. Motorcycles in this form of sport are very light and have lengthier travel suspension.