Essential Guidelines To Improve Ball Handling



Have you ever wanted to play basketball for a collegiate or professional team?

If yes, you share a dream with many other young boys and girls who work hard to develop their basketball skills at summer camps and clinics.

Like any other skill, basketball requires a lot of commitment, effort, and practice.

Dribbling and ball handling are two of the most crucial basketball skills that you need to learn to be a good basketball player. If you want to become a a good basketball player, you must start honing your basic basketball skills and fundamentals.

Of course, these aren’t the only abilities, but I must stress how crucial they are!

 Consider this: If you can’t handle the basketball, whether you’re playing AAU or collegiate basketball, your coaches might be reluctant to start you because it might result in numerous turnovers.

Since dribbling and ball handling are intertwined, working on your dribbling techniques will also help you become a better ball handler.

It’s also crucial to engage your imagination when handling the ball, visualizing yourself in scenarios similar to those that occur in games to get a good idea of how you would apply your ball-handling skills in a real game.

Do you believe Steph has any restrictions on how he may dribble the basketball? without a doubt!

 To give the youngsters the best basketball experience imaginable, the team must collaborate on every practice.

Other pointers for better ball handling are as follows:

  • Dribbling using your fingertip or the palm of your hand: helps you maintain strong ball control. Similar to when you are preparing to shoot the ball, it should be in this position. Driving the ball to the basket, getting open for a shot, and creating space for better passing are all possible with fingertip dribbling.
  • Lower Position: When dribbling the basketball, a player in a lower position can hold onto the ball for longer since the opponent has less time to steal it because the ball is out of the player’s hands for a shorter period of time.
  • Repetition: Have you ever heard the proverb “practice makes perfect”? That is also accurate when working on ball handling. Perform countless crossovers, right pounds, and left pounds drills until you can use them naturally against any defender.
  • Watch Videos and Learn: You can pick up methods and pointers on how to sharpen your ball-handling abilities by watching videos and studying the techniques. You may learn from the tutorials on a range of methods on the Pro Skills Basketball YouTube channel.