Common Baskeball Injuries Your Children Can Get

Basketball is a well loved sport. When children play out and enjoy a game of basketball, the community feels alive and happy. While basketball is a fun and healthy game, there are some injuries involved. Your child is not an exemption. Prevention is always the way to go. But if your child had already been injured, let your child take time out to heal.

My children love basketball and I find it healthy for them. I would rather see them playing Bastketball outside the house than them playing NBA games online, except of course when weather is bad that they have to stay indoors. My children even have to look for NBA live mobile hack of some sort to extend their game.

While basketball is healthy for our children, there are possible injuries involved when playing the game. Possible injuries occur whether the game is played in the gym, or played in a court within the neighbourhood.

Worst NBA Injuries Of All Time


What are common injuries incurred by avid basketball players?

Injuries to basketball players are usually minor like strains and sprains. The most common sites where injury occurs are at the ankle, knee, hand, wrist, and lower back. Eye and mouth injuries are common too as a result of being hit by other players while into the game. Girls who play basketball have a higher rate of being injured while in the game.

Types of injuries occurred during basketball game that are most common

  • Sprains – the tear of ligaments surrounding the joint. This could be partial or complete tear.
  • Strains – The tear of muscles or tendons. This could be a partial or complete tear.
  • General trauma – A serious bodily injury resulting from high impact that cause lacerations or acute traumatic injuries
  • Body Part injuries – Injury, sprain, or strain in the foot, hip, knee, forearm, face, scalp, or any other parts that had been injured due to play.

 How to Prevent Injuries?

  • Wear appropriate gym shoes for playing. It should be fit, non-skid, and high topped.
  • Mouth guards, safety glasses, and ankle braces are the way to go.
  • Don’t forget to warm up and do some stretches.
  • Remove jewelries when playing.
  • Make sure the court is clean and dry for safety
  • When injured, don’t push it. Take the time to heal.

It is always the goal of parents to protect their child, but parents cannot be there all the time to watch and guard. Educate your children. Teach them the do’s and don’ts of basketball and what safety measures should be done to avoid injuries.