Contact Sports Use Custom Mouthguards

Are you an athlete who plays contact sports such as karate, football, hockey, and basketball? These contact sports are going to require you to use custom mouthguards. This could be one of the most important sports equipment pieces that you own.

If you have braces on, you can still play your favourite sports even if it is a contact sport. Custom Mouthguards are one of the pieces you will need to prevent injuries in the mouth caused by your braces. It also prevents the gums and lips from getting wounded by the metal of braces during the game.

Custom mouthguards are not a boil and bite. You can get mouthguards done by an orthodontist Tucson, made from a custom mold of your teeth. It’s made from a gooey, sticky material usually seen in a dental office. Custom molds of the teeth can also be done via a digital scanner which gives the dentist or the orthodontist a long term view of the patient’s teeth.

Popular Type of Custom Mouthguard

The Two Layer Custom Mouthguard. These mouthguards are used in majority of sports are made of a two layer laminated mouthguard. There is a number of color combination to choose from to match the type of sport and theme that your team represent. The logo and the player’s name can also be added to the mouthguard.

The Three Layer Custom Mouthguard. This is the best protection that you can get for the player’s teeth. Three layered mouthguards are a little bit more expensive than the two layered traditional mouthguards. It ranges from about $49 to $200 depending on the player’s choice.

Protection You Get From MouthGuards

Custom Mouthguards protects the user in two ways: It protects the teeth from being chipped or broken, and concussions. By wearing a protective gear in your mouth, it creates a gap between the jaw and skull which reduces the chance of concussions.

You may want to think twice before you consider to buy the boil and bite types of mouthguard. The best mouthguard to get are the custom mouthguards done by your trusted orthodontists.

Do I Need a Custom Mouth Guard? Mouthguard for Braces and Sports