Kiwi’s Passion for Sports Foster Major Events in NZ’s Sport Industry

The Kiwi’s immense passion for engaging in various sports activities has in a way contributed in developing the business sector of New Zealand’s sports industry. After all, the country has many stadiums, arenas, geographical landforms and natural features that can sustain sports engagement, as a profession or recreation.

Actually, New Zealand has venues and annual events to offer to just about any type of sport enthusiasts whether for rugby, golf, tennis, cycling, running, hiking, motorsport, horse racing, swimming, deep-sea diving, boating, windsurfing, fishing and skiing, just to name a few.

That is why sport-related businesses continue to thrive and flourish in the country. So much so that many of New Zealand’s top universities offer Sports Business diplomas. Undergraduates in BA, BCom, BSc, BHealthSc, BAppSc or even a BTheo degree can earn a Sport Business diplomas by taking up sports-related subjects as major areas of study.

The development of New Zealand’s sport industry has extended into different economic sectors; from sports-oriented laws, to advertising, marketing, management and tourism.

Sports-oriented organizations, institutions and business enterprises for both professional and leisure sports, came to have a need for qualified managers, core group members and business plan consultant; possessing not only the related sports background; but also sound knowledge of sports economics.

Such developments set New Zealand’s sport businesses on a path that allowed them to operate sustainably and continuously in the exciting but competitive world of sports.

Top Annual Sporting Events in New Zealand

Participation and engagement of sports competitors, fans and spectators are key elements to the success of every sports organization and sporting enterprise. Some of the most well-attended sporting events in the country that provide substantial support to New Zealand’s sport industry include the following:

The Crankworx Rotorua

New Zealand’s Crankworx Rotorua is the first top in the Crankworx World Tour, where extraordinary mountain bikers proceed with speed and style toward Australia, France and Canada.

Also worth mentioning are two other premier cycling events in New Zealand, The Pioneer and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

The Queenstown International Marathon and Hawke’s Bay Marathon

The Queenstown International Marathon is a festival of running competitions for 42-km and 10-km runs, set between the picturesque mountain ranges of The Crown and The Remarkables.

Hawke’s Bay Marathon, on the other hand is a celebration of 21-km and 10-km walk or run through Hawke Bay’s famous beaches, orchards and vineyards.

The Coast to Coast Event

The Coast to Coast is regarded as an iconic multisport festival in New Zealand. Competitors run, hike, bike, and kayak in traversing the most amazing spots of the South Island. The 243-km journey starts from the West Coast, then courses through the Southern Alps and culminates at Christchurch in New Brighton Pier.

The Winter Games NZ

The New Zealand Winter Games world-class competitions highlight the ski season in the southern hemisphere. The games are held every year in the picturesque resort towns of Queenstown, Wanaka, and Naseby.

The New Zealand ISPS Handa Open

The ISPS Handa Open held in Queenstown, is a major event in New Zealand, which takes place in two impressive golf courses: The Hills and the Millbrook Resort. The golf tournament brings together both professional and amateur golfers to vie in golfing competitions patterned after the unique Pro-Am format.