Preparing for Your First Triathlon

People are involved in different jobs and activities today like working as roofing contractors CT. With such, it becomes hard to think how someone would be able to still squeeze in time in doing training for triathlon let alone, to train for this sport.

First things first, the training for triathlon is pretty difficult because as you see, it is a combination of 3 different sports into one namely cycling, swimming and running. However, one reason why many people are so into this sport is because of the fulfilment and satisfaction that it gives. It basically pushes the person’s body and limitation to the very best. If you want to experience this kind of feeling, then start to fine print your training.

It is All Different

No two triathlon events are the same. There are actually 3 major types of it which are based on the distance. For example, a sprint tri do consists of 750 meter swim, 20 KM cycling and 5 KM run. Then, there is the Olympic tri that consists of 1.5 KM swim, 40 KM cycling and 10 KM running and the ultimate feat among them all is the “ultra” or also called as “Ironman”. In this triathlon event, it has 3.8 KM swim, 180 KM cycling and 42.2 KM running.

With this being said, if it is your very first event to join to, you are better off with the sprint tri. Then, move up the ladder gradually as your body becomes used to it.

Gears and Clothing

As you notice, there are a lot of things going on in this sport. For example, you need to have a bike, a helmet, good pair of running shoes, water belt to get through the entire event. But the most basic that you’ll need is your tri suit. With regards to this kind of race, remember that it is not about who looks fashionable, rather, the function that your gears can deliver.

Just think of it, you are just done with the swim part and moving on with the last leg. Do you think that it will help you any better if you have to change your wet clothes to a new one? Of course not right. If that’s the case, the triathlon suit will help a lot in streamlining all the activities you have to do in the race.