Sports And Breaks: Towing Work-Life Balance

It is dangerous when the boundaries between work and free time blur. Treat yourself to sports and breaks, stay away from pills. This is how work-life balance works.

Work-life balance for beginners

Smartphones are so great. Always available, connected to everything, the whole office in your pocket. Work emails are also read or written after work and if the boss calls at the weekend or even on vacation, you answer it, of course. In a survey by the Society for Entertainment and Communications Electronics, 41 percent of those questioned complained that digital networking made it difficult to relax after work. Is it any wonder that stress, exhaustion and social impoverishment are becoming a problem? You neglect your Santa Clara towing work-life balance and the body reacts. What you need is sports.

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Sport for a good Santa Clara towing work-life balance

Researchers at Saint Leo University in Florida led by Professor Russell Clayton surveyed almost 476 professionals on the subject of fitness and work-life balance. They found that people who exercise several times a week find it easier to switch off after work. Exercise helps to detach mentally from professional things. You physically leave the office for this and don’t think about it anymore. On top of that, sport helps you to be satisfied with yourself overall.

On the other hand, not doing any sport and really stepping on the gas at work is really dangerous. A lack of fitness coupled with working long hours dramatically increases the risk of fatal heart disease, particularly for men aged 40-59.

Tips for a better work-life balance

If you’re stressed out despite exercising, feel down without being sick, you should make some changes in your life.

Gossiping less at work. Gossip drains energy and makes us negative.

Take breaks. Do nothing but breathe and feel yourself.

Drink just one more cup of coffee in the morning. After that, it just robs you of energy and sleep.

Smartphone and laptop off. Fixed rest periods. Just like the holy lunch break used to be, when children of the 60s weren’t allowed to call anyone.

Enter private appointments in the calendar. They are just as important as the business appointment.

Find new ways to work. More movement, more joy, more smiles.

Learn time management. No joke. It relaxes.

Be proud of what you do.  Give yourself a pat on the back if your superiors don’t praise you.

If you’ve really slipped out of work-life balance, you’ll need some time to adjust. If you don’t, your body will rudely remind you.