Science Behind Poker Games

In the world of sports, poker like domino qq had always been one of the best games of the mind. It had won many poker players millions of money and the title of the world championship. What is the science behind winning Poker sports? Let’s find out.

Poker is not just like a lot of sports. It’s not so much about playing the game, it’s much about playing the man. But professional poker player Daniel Negreanu says that it’s not about playing the man. The cards are relevant. When a player has the cards in his hands, the first thing that he does is his eyes look directly at the chips. It is his subconscious. When the opponent sees that because he likes something about what he saw.

Signals that Sell the Opponent

Poker players are always looking for tells or signals that give away everything about what’s on the player’s hand. This is the reason that pros must be great at bluffing. In other words, poker players must be somehow an expert lier that’ hard to detect.┬áProfessional poker players specialize in head games. For example, a skilled bluff or lie is the bread and butter of every poker player. Seems like the only way to detect if a world-class poker player is lying is to use a lie detector.

Two of the prestigious poker players worldwide had been invited to play poker in front of millions of audiences. The catch – they are going to play under lie detector test. Let’s see how one of the poker players beat a polygraph test.┬áProfessional polygraph examiner Joe Paolella will record the event with a lie detector test. Daniel Negreanu will be hooked to the machine. He will be playing against Phil Lock, a world poker champion himself. The polygraph measures part of the body that the conscious has no control of. All of these changes are conducive to a person who is lying.

The result – Daniel fooled Phil out of his cards but Daniel wasn’t able to fool the lie detector test which clearly records that Daniel was lying to fool Phil. On the other hand, Phil believed Daniel that he has good cards to start with.


In the sport of playing poker, the skill that one will have to master is to bluff your way to winning. And playing with a lie detector test is not really a good idea to win millions of money in Poker.