Planned Easing For Sporting Events In The Midst Of Pandemic

The Ministry of Health emphasized yesterday that the general opening of events under certain conditions should also apply to sports events. The Bundesliga remains an exception, as there is a separate agreement that there will initially be “ghost games” without spectators.

As with all other events, the opening for events is staggered in the sports area, the ministry said in a clarification. In the area of ​​weddings and funerals, too, loosening work is in progress, and when it should come into force remained initially unclear.

The return of sports during the COVID-19 pandemic

Prevention concept necessary

From May 29th there is a limit of 100 visitors inside and outside for events. From July 1st, a maximum of 250 visitors is allowed indoors, from August 1st a maximum of 500 and up to 1,000 if the organizers present a prevention concept to the authority responsible for permits in the federal states.

Outdoor, the limit of 500 visitors applies from July 1st, from August 1st there will be 750 people. A maximum of 1,250 visitors is allowed here if a prevention concept is approved by the authorities.

As in all other event areas, the safety regulations against coronavirus spread, such as the one-meter safety distance, apply to the audience. If this cannot be adhered to, indoor mouth-nose protection must be worn. While masks are okay, the kn95 mask is the most advisable (are kn95 mask reusable? read more). From July 1st, a prevention concept must be presented to more than 100 visitors indoors and a COVID 19 representative must be appointed.

The test phase for Formula 1

The Ministry of Health is still in the examination phase with regard to a possible Formula 1 World Championship kick-off with a double event on July 5 and 12 in Spielberg. “We are in the middle of working on the concept,” Anschober said.

The health concept of the Spielberg project was submitted to the Ministry on Thursday a week ago (May 14). “We received the corresponding concept from the organizer community for the double Grand Prix in Styria,” confirms Anschober. “We want to try to decide that in a timely manner.” Possibly also under certain conditions.

“The organizers signaled to me on their own initiative that they were not planning a Grand Prix with an audience,” said the minister. Instead, “ghost races” are planned, similar to the soccer league, which will resume playing without an audience on June 2.

“Very clear recommendations” for bathrooms in prospect

On Friday, however, several “large, important areas” are to be included in the amendment. In addition to the reopening of the accommodation facilities, this also includes the area of ​​leisure facilities and the area of ​​the baths. There should be “very clear recommendations” on how to make provisions for further containment of the pandemic. On Friday, the fitness center can be opened again, provided the indoor distance of two meters is maintained.

With the previous opening steps in time intervals under security measures, “a very successful strategy has been followed up to the present day,” Anschober emphasized. However, he warned “clearly that we are weighing ourselves in false security. We are noticing in Lower Austria and Vienna how quickly a new cluster can form, ”said the minister.

That could also happen in other regions if people are in precarious life situations, Anschober said. Austria is still on the right track, said the health minister with regard to the number of infected people. Currently 760 people are actively ill.