Child Custody In Virginia

Extra activities are a great opportunity for kids just like sports, dancing, gymnastics, swimming and martial arts. These activities can improve their academic performance, reduce stress, self-esteem, and essential life skills. For kids whose parents are going through divorce in Virginia sports can help them cope up with their parents’ ongoing battle. Even so, parents (going through a divorce or not) should still consider the following:

  1. Do parents agree on the chosen activities of their children?
  2. How many extra activities should a child join?
  3. Do parents want to pay extra materials or equipment for their child?
  4. If yes, how much?
  5. Do parents want to bring their child including but not limited to: tournaments, recitals or other special activities that include travel?
  6. Are you willing to do everything for your child?

Your time and presence are important to every child especially to their extracurricular activities if your child is a member of basketball that cost very minimal and other children are a member of ball games or let’s say baseball, dance, or music lessons that cost exorbitant. Are you willing to pay all of these?

Child Care And Time Management

The other care concern is, do you have much time with the other party’s custodial time with the children?

Like for example, Your daughter wants to join a dance lesson and you immediately sign the consent paper without talking to his father regarding it. Dad has more free time and Wednesday dinners. And mom finds out dance lesson is every Wednesday and Friday’s from 4:00-5:00 PM. Now, Dad has more time for daughter’s dance lesson.

But the questions are:

What if dad is not supportive of her daughter’s extracurricular activity?
What if dad is not willing to pay the half of her daughter’s costume?
What if dad doesn’t want to talk to her?

Agreement Details Regarding Extracurricular Activity

When you enter any Assent or Agreement Order, it is important to be particular concerning these details. If you have a hearing concerning these matters, concerning the cost and activity of your child, how a child is involved in the activity and ask the judge to peculiarly address these concerns.

It should be clear how the activities are selected, and if the parents agreed on an extra activity you should have a process to break any stalemate(example, If both parents don’t agree on the extra activity of their children, they will be the one to pick for their children).

Child Custody In Virginia and How Is It Decided