Benefits of sports in pregnancy

How much exercise or sports is still allowed during pregnancy? What are the advantages of sporting activities for mother and child?

Whether or not an exercise is an option for you during pregnancy depends on a number of individual factors: These include, for example, the mother’s general state of health, age, the course of the pregnancy as well as the intensity of the exercises, and ultimately the individual sports.

Benefits of exercise for the mother

Many scientific studies have shown that regular exercise can bring many advantages for both mother and child: Sport can keep the mother fit, reduces excessive weight gain, typical back problems and water retention, gestational diabetes, or depression.

Regular exercise during pregnancy promotes well-being, muscle tone, and increased productivity in the pregnant woman. Exercise can also reduce excessive weight gain and lower back pain. You may check vektguiden site for a healthy diet that you can take advantage of during pregnancy.

According to studies, women who are active in sport seem to get along better during pregnancy. When carried out correctly and in doses, exercise strengthens the body’s defenses and the immune system and protects against infections. The pelvis, spine, and joints are strengthened, incorrect posture, and back problems are prevented.

Stretching exercises increase the elasticity of the muscles and prevent muscle soreness and tension. Sport stimulates digestion and significantly lowers the risk of circulatory problems, thrombosis, muscle, and calf cramps.

Exercise also releases the happiness hormones endorphins, which should generally improve your mood and reduce stress.

Benefits of exercise for the baby

The baby also benefits from the mother’s physical activity. Numerous studies have found that babies of women who actively exercise during pregnancy have a healthier birth weight, survive labor and childbirth better, and recover faster from birth.

During exercise, babies are stimulated by the sounds and vibrations in the womb and by the changed heart rate. Therefore, in this case, they are often less stressed after giving birth.

Children of trained pregnant women can have better metabolic production and are less likely to be overweight. Another advantage of babies born to women who do sport during pregnancy can be that the children usually sleep through the night earlier, are less prone to colic, and can relax better.