Adopt a Sport to Stay Fit and Healthy

How Do I Stay Fit for Life?  Find a rigorous sport that you can participate in year-round. Study has shown that men who exercised with more intensity had a 31 percent lower rate of coronary heart disease than men who rated their intensity as low or moderate. Results from some studies showed that vigorous exercisers had a 25 percent lower death rate from heart disease than those who engaged in non-vigorous sports such as bowling or golf. Engaging in a certain sport can be beneficial physically and mentally.

How To Stay Fit With A Busy Life

Many older guys get into seasonal activities like softball leagues, but then for the rest of the year, they watch somebody else do them on television. Experts suggests lifting weights 3 days a week while you experiment with other sports. Strength training will help you lose weight and perform well in any sport. While some of the most popular sports for men over 40 are individual activities, nearly 3 million men between ages 45-55 swim, and 4 million cycle. It is a good suggestion to find a club to help you stay committed. You can always make an excuse for not doing something yourself, but it’s human nature not to let the group down. Be part of a supportive team that would encourage you to be healthy. Do you want to know what your Hogwarts House is? Take this quiz to find out:

No matter what sport you pick, the benefits are not purely physical. Establishing a strong network of people outside your family and coworkers can improve your health. Many studies have shown the importance of friendship in long-term health, most especially in men. Men are notorious for loosing connections with friends as they get older. In a study conducted, low social satisfaction increased sick leaves among men by up to 30%.

Benefits of engaging in sports.

  1. The most basic benefit is exercise. This is a great way to having a good time and at the same time getting some exercise.
  2. Sports among adults can give you motivation. This is especially true when you are playing sport with a team. As I wrote earlier you cannot skip a game and let your team mates down.
  3. Sports can boost your confidence. It brings out your skills and abilities. Sports will not just make you fit but it also sharpens your skills. This will make you feel more confident in every aspect of your life.