Active wear or sportswear: What’s In The Design?

Sportswear and activewear are the best clothing designed for the type of sports you choose. These specific clothing is a choice of clothing for most sports, other physical activities, and for practical day to day clothing that offers comfort and safety.

Active wear or sportswear: Three garments in sports

There are different clothes preferable for each sports. For instance, basketball players prefer to use jerseys, shorts, and athletic shoes. Baseball players would use the same jerseys however its design is much different from jerseys designed for basketball. Regardless of the type of sports, the sportswear used is specifically designed for comfort and movability. And just the same, these uniforms will need the same care with the best clothes steamer.

  • Protective Sports Garments. In some sports, there is a need to use protective devices aside from specially made sportswear such as in the case of car racing. Helmets, mouthguards and even knee guards are needed.
  • Specialized Garments are those preferred by specific sports. These garments include swimsuits, wet suits, ski suits, and leotards. Sports have specific shoes too such as the trainers. Jockstrap and sports bra for underwear.
  • Common garments that are specific to sports are tracksuits, shorts, shirts like tennis shirts, t-shirts, and jersey for basketball and baseball.

Functional considerations in Designing Sportswear

  • Lightweight. When designing a sportswear, lightweight is perhaps the number one consideration in almost any type of sport. As in cycling, it is most recommended to have light clothes, nothing bulky that may cause the athlete to drag or sweat more than they already are.
  • Loose. Sportwear should also be loose enough to provide comfort and allow more physical activities. But take note that not all sports require a loose garment. This only works for specific sports such as basketball.

Thermal considerations

There are sports that take into account thermal insulation where the garment cools down when the temperature is hot or warms up when the temperature is cold. Sportswear should also have the ability to transfer sweat from the skin. Spandex is the known material in designing these types of sportswear.

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